if i had my way, we'd wake up on the day we met
Full Name:
Spencer Audrey Sweet
Age & D.O.B.
23 & January 7th, 1991
Los Angeles, California
Current residence
Between LA and NYC
♡ status
Happily single
Grad student
Maltese Poodle, Lucy

  Twenty-three years young. Nicknames include Spence, Sweet, S, Sunshine, Goldilocks, and Sweetass.

  Personal style is ecclectic-chic, free-spirited, bohemian and artsy with a quirky mixture of high-end couture pieces and thrift store fashion "finds" accentuated by a combination of 60's, 70's, and 80's hippie flair. Loves to wear leggings, skinny jeans, fedora hats, bangles, vintage t-shirts, vests, pendant necklaces, legwarmers, converse sneakers, and flats.

  Her middle name comes from her mother's fascination with Audrey Hepburn, who Spencer has similarly idolized since early childhood as well as Grace Kelly.

  A talented artist, she's been keeping a collection of her sketches since the 7th grade that she seldom revealed, that is until she went to college and opened herself up.

  In high school, she was at one point exceedingly involved in student activities at the prestigious St. Francis Academy. Her private and extra curriculars included Cross Track, Field Hockey, Student Senate, National Honor Society, Yearbook Committee, and School Events Committee.

  Later shied away from her image as one of the popular elites after her parents' divorce, which resulted in a huge emotional toll on Spencer, especially when her dad left the house. This caused a rift between Spencer and her then best friend Marin Lavoie, as well as the development of her relationship with Leighton Antenucci, her once childhood best friend and neighbor of several years. During this time she grew to be immensely guarded with her heart and portrayed a lot of her emotion, thoughts and feelings through her art.

  Music is another outlet in which Spencer uses as a release from her real life; a song can determine her mood or how the rest of her day will go.

  Fanatical about John Hughes' movies; amongst her favorites are Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

  Has always gone through sporadic up-and-down mood swings. Relentless daydreamer. Consistently cynical, but secretly optimistic. Detached; suffers from bi-polar disorder and maintains a very addictive personality. Over the years, she's on and off dabbled with a number of varying pill fixations including but not limited to adderall, xanax, oxycodone and valium.

  Collects vinyl records and OPI nail polish. Loves The Beatles and other influential British alternative rock bands.

  Embarassingly enough, she was at one time employed by Disneyland as Alice in Wonderland for her first serious part-time job.
Spencer Audrey Sweet was born on January 7th, 1991 in Los Angeles, California, and thus established herself as the only child of Daniel Sweet, corporate attorney and co-founder of Sweet & Watkins LP - ranked in The Top 100 Most Prestigious Law Firms in the country - and his socialite and philanthropist wife, Natalie Sweet. From the day of her conception and that point on, she was also the glue that held the seemingly 'picture perfect' family together and the apple of her father's eye, although the house was most often one filled with quite hostility and separation.

Her father worked late nights, while the only interest her mother seemed to have in Spencer was the mild fascination and envy she harbored for her daughter, who'd been blessed with a head full of bustling blonde hair - in which prompted her father to commonly refer to her as 'Goldilocks' or 'Sunshine' throughout the years of her youth - a slender frame that adorned her infinitely long legs and an undeniable charm. To pass the time of her perpetual lonesomeness, Natalie began entering Spencer in beauty pageants, and if nothing else she was but a mere accessory the woman could tote around with her in an attempt to gain attention she didn't have elsewhere until it was no longer an amusement. During family outings and ritzy functions they all bared their teeth in misleading smiles, but by the time Spencer reached high school her father was filing the divorce papers, moving out of the house, and moving in with his twenty-three year old, b-list almost-supermodel of a girlfriend.

Her mother grew an affinity for fast men - and several of them - and forced Spencer into weekly therapy to cope with her diagnosed depression. Spencer's passions and lone saving grace lie within music and her art, and best friend since childhood, Leighton Antenucci, who remains one of the only people she can seek salvation in and knows the entirety of the detachment between her and her parents. Mere weeks away from graduation, she's eager to escape the thralls of her emotionally disparaging and uncommitted home life to venture into what's going to come next.

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